Born on the 29th of June in 1961 he started his riding career with pony competitions. In 1978, at the International Show Jumping Championship “Jumping Amsterdam” he was inspired by the Dressage Kür ridden by Gabriele Grillo on Ultimo.

He started his “Bereiter” – Apprenticeship in 1979 in Haan, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, with Heinrich Kemna, a renowned dressage trainer.

He then worked with Reitmeister Fritz Tempelmann for 2 years to advance his riding. In 1983 he was one of the riders who performed the famous Grand Prix level Tempelmann-Quadrille on the occasion of the Equestrian Sports World Fair “Equitana”.

In 1986 he passed the exam to become “Pferdewirtschaftsmeister” (Bereiter).
After having worked many years as an employee for various yards (Verein für Reitsport Essen, Stall Hinrichsen – Essen, Gestüt Bladenhorst – Castrop-Rauxel, Stall Michaelis- Düsseldorf ) he became self-employed in 1992 when he was first offered to run the yard of Peter Engel in Hünxe. Then, in 1995, he was offered a leasehold of Gut Rodderhof.

Taco Oudewortel is a successful trainer, rider and manager of competition shows up to class S.


Born : 29.06.1961 Amsterdam NL
1979 -1982 Starting as an Apprentice at Dressurstall Falkenhof, Haan Germany
1982 Qualification Bereiter FN, Pferdewirt
1983 Winning the first advanced test (prix St.Georges)
1982-1985 Working at Tempelmann Stables with Reitmeister Fritz Tempelmann

Part of the Equitana Grand Prix Quadrille 1984
1985-1988 Working at Bladenhorst Stud, Dortmund as Dressage Trainer
1986 Qualification as a Reitlehrer, Pferdewirtschaftsmeister in Warendorf Germany
1987 Winning at least 10 tests at advanced Level: FN Honouration in gold
1988-1992 Working at Dressage Stables Wolfgang Michaelis, Düsseldorf.
1992-1995 Working as a Dressage Trainer at Gut Glückauf, Wesel
1995-2013 Running my own Dressage Stables at Gut Rodderhof, Cologne

Promoting Dressage Shows every second year up to Grand Prix level
2000 Trainer of the Year, FAB (federation of Amateur and professional Riders)
2003, 2006 Cologne Champion Dressage
2007 Examination as a Judge, qualified judging medium Tests

Horses schooled and competed at advanced level:

Eitel Fritz, Waldsee, Furiosa, Grand prix, Arosa, Red Roses, Ghandi, Langus, Dean, Dandelo, Starbucks, Daica
2012 Trainer of the Cologne Quadrille Team Dressage M**

Qualified for CHIO Aachen 2013
2013 CHIO Aachen 2013 Trainer of the Quadrille Team Dressage M**